Bloglovin' Shop


Head of Business Development: Kamiu Lee
Head of Design: Dan Carlberg
Designer: Jayne Lee
(NMRKT) CTO: Ian Fosbery


Bloglovin’ provided a lot of traffic and visibility to many of the top bloggers, but didn’t receive anything in return from these bloggers, resulting in an uneven business relationship.


Introduce an opportunity that changes the relationship dynamic into a balanced business partnership


One of the trends that started blossoming with the top fashion bloggers was that brands started to sponsor these bloggers to advertise their clothing and accessories. The bloggers posted referall links to track the number of CTRs and purchasing rates to gain a cut of the revenue. We partnered with NMRKT to create a marketplace to feature select bloggers and their curated items. Bloggers gained visibility and traffic, while the revenue made off the products sold was divided amongst the 3 parties.


Designing the Landing Page

The overall design concept and language borrowed from the editorial space. We saw these bloggers through the same lens as models on fashion magazines. Every 2 weeks, there was a new "issue", that featured the items to be sold in the shop, curated by a specific blogger.

During the time a blogger's issue ran, we directed all the attention to them. We used large hero images and cover photos overlaid with white text. The issue was displayed as the hero image at the top of the page to grant maximum visibility.

Past issues were laid out below the featured issue to continue to receive traffic from users who were still interested.

We added a component that displayed the most popular products from the Bloglovin' shop, regardless of issue, to further gain more potential buys.

Bloglovin' shop landing page

Final Desktop comp

Introducing the Bloglovin' Shop

Because this was a new concept, outside of the native platform, we wanted to inform our user base of its awareness and ways for them to be notified of new issues. We inserted in-platform ads promoting the shop and the featured issue. We sent out a promotional email, directing users to the Bloglovin' Shop. The first time a user navigates to the Bloglovin' Shop page, an email signup modal appears for the option to be notified of upcoming issues.


The Bloglovin' Shop was the first initiative to break into ecommerce. During my time there, we created 9 issues, 7 of them curated by the top fashion bloggers in the blogosphere (Zanita, Man Repeller, Take Aim, Le Happy, afterDRK).

2018—Now, there is a dedicated Bloglovin’ Shop iOS app.


Within the Issue Detail page, we ideally wanted to include native content, such as pull quotes and additional photos, as page breaks between the products to provide more of a narrative from the blogger. Unfortunately, because of resources we weren’t able to implement this.


Comp for Landing Page (Web)
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