Android App Facelift


Head of Design: Dan Carlberg
Designer: Jayne Lee
Android Developer: Anders Adermark


As Bloglovin’s brand and aesthetic evolved to stay relevant and modern, it became difficult to maintain across all touchpoints, resulting in a fragmented system. Ultimately, Android users felt distrustful of the app because of its dated appearance.


Instill brand cohesion in the Android app to create consistency and a holistic system to ultimately ensure and gain the trust of our Android users


When I joined Bloglovin’, there was only one designer, responsible for the design of web, mobile-web, iOS, and Android. Our user base for Android was the lowest, so it was one of the lower priorities. The Android app was built quickly, utilizing the native UI kit elements, which resulted in a dated look and feel as well as straying from the consistency of the brand.


The iOS app uses the native font of iOS, so we wanted to use the same pattern for Android and use its native font.

The main changes we made:

Bloglovin' Android screens

Final Android comps


The visual improvements provided more brand cohesion with the existing system, instilling a sense of trust back into our Android user base.


At the time, we didn’t have a dedicated Android team and only used a contractor to build the app. We wanted to make sure that we could modernize the app without creating an overwhelming amount of work for one developer. I knew that cleaning up the typography could drastically improve the look and feel without it becoming a large task.


Android Comps: