Originating from the suburbs outside of Chicago, Jayne moved to New York in 2011 with the intention of becoming a fashion designer and meeting Anna Wintour. Parsons the New School for Design gave her a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, for Communication Design with honors recognition, ultimately leading her into the tech industry. Although she's spent the past 5 years designing for screens, she's most excited and rejuvenated among the trees in upstate New York. Other interests include: comics, cartoons, sociology, and dancing salsa.

Previously, Bloglovin', Code & Theory, Avenir Interactive.

A lot of my work is confidential and cannot be shared. The work showcased is a small selection of my body of work.


If you'd like to work on something together, please shoot me a note. I'm well-versed in working and communicating remotely. maryjaynelee@gmail.com

Instagram → @maryjaynelee
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Why maryjaynelee?

This is a pseduonym I thought of in high school and it became my internet presence since. My real name is just Jayne Lee. I have a middle name, but you'll have to get to know me better to know that one ;)

Things, people, places that light up my heart

About this website

This site is built using Jekyll. The fonts are from Google Web Fonts.

...why Google Fonts??

I tend to use resources that are convenient and practical for functional projects that don't require a high level of grandeur. There's a time and a place for more sophisticated fonts, but I strongly believe that good design comes from the designer themself and not their tools.😜